Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Not Your Grandmother's Butter Dish - Or, Maybe It Is!

Hi everyone – as unaccustomed as I am to public blogging I thought it imperative to “toot my own horn” and show off these butter dishes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work allow me to explain just a bit. Among other things, I am a china painter. I do not make the porcelain pieces, I buy them. When I buy them they are plain and usually white although I have been known to paint on pieces that came “pre-equipped” with a coloured glaze. I found these butter dishes the other day and bought all that they had at the store (five in total). These are the first two I have finished. Although both incorporate floral designs they are quite different in style. If you should choose to peruse them in my etsy shop you can read about them there and discover more about why one is being offered at a “FIRE SALE” price. For this post I will limit my narrative to this much and put up the photos for you to peruse– thanks for looking.

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