Monday, December 10, 2007

Men's Calendar project

The idea of the guys doing a calendar has always been a great one,but for several reasons,it kept going to the back burner,today it was brought back to the forefront again by some very persuasive ladies.Guys,we must make this happen!
The ladies are threatening to come after me if it does not materialize...and frankly,I'm scare of them!So,please save my hide and let's do this!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Builder's Studio Holiday offerings

I go by Buildersstudio
( on Etsy (some of you I know
already know me), and I make a LOT of different
things. I live in Western NY State (we're getting
pummeled by cold, snow and the worse wind now!). I've
always been an artist as well, painted for a long
time, have this last year gotten into the ACEO (mini
paintings) movement, do scultures, jewelry, walking
canes, and on...

However. Lately I have concentrated on what might
best be described as "Retro Tech" items, like robots
and the like, make almost enitrely out of wood! You
know adult toys (NOT that kind!), statues maybe. It's
an ever expanding series. I've been a fan of science
fiction my entire life, reading even as a kid the
classic stories from Asimov, Bradbury and so many
others. Here's a group shot:

Now just before the holidays I have brought out a
related line of classic ray guns, FULL, life size, as
in 1:1 scale models, also wood, often in colors with
metallic finishes. Here's a pic:

Also, a small Omni Telescope:

Also ray gun Christmas Ornaments, as well as ornaments
of flying saucers, alternate universe dirigibles.

For this time of year I'd like to offer for my fellow
"club" members a members discount on orders placed
this week through Sunday 12/9/07, 25% off the list
prices (prior sales excluded and not valid with others
sales I run unless I can do it.)

If anyone has any comments, or would like to talk
about custom work or anything, drop me an email: If I don't post again soon
then I hope you all have a great holiday season and a
Happy New Year!


This has been Pete from The Builder's Studio
Curious about what The Builder builds? Peak here...
My blog has just started so I will be posting more soon!