Sunday, August 26, 2007

Introducing Beer Soap!!!

I wish I was the genius that invented the beer soap Idea. Many before me and many after will come and create this sort of Soap.

The recipe Is my own and I feel the release date is perfect! I mean football season Is right around the corner. I wanted to attract all varieties of people so I used a classic classy sort of beer Guinness a nice dark stout!

I also will be releasing a Samuel Adams beer soap in the coming weeks for the people who prefer a good Boston Lager.

I do not only offer beer soap I have plethora of scents and styles in my etsy shop a little bit of everything for everyone. Here is a taste of the shop- Dennis Anderson on Etsy.
Come on by and spoil yourself!


Andy Mathis said...

Well, I have learned something new today. Never heard of Beer soap before.

tnkerr said...

This is a fantastic idea!


Anonymous said...

What an interesting choice for soaps that a Guy can really relate with!
Great Idea

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Dennis does it again... might have to be popping back for Christmas pressies!

Sadie Lou said...

yeah! Beer soap! And it's my man's favorite kind!