Sunday, July 8, 2007

MoE's very first featured artist...err... artists

Our first featured artists are a group of guys who we can all thank for Men of Etsy's being a reality!
None other than Mixed Species!!These zany guys where the inspiration for the creation of Men of Etsy.It is only fitting they be our very first!

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I posed a few questions to the boys, and in expected Mixed Species style,we now have the story of these infamous Brief jerky and Colon Pal creating Men of Etsy!!

1.How did you come to be group?
The Mixed Species guys met in a dirty prison cell in Bogota in the late 90’s. Two of the soon to be Mixed Species clan were already in the cell for reasons yet to be determined. The two most recent inmates had been renting themselves out as drug mules for a Columbian cartel and had recently been arrested in a raid. With some smooth break dancing the Mixed Species four were able break there way out of prison, Columbia and eventually into a government witness relocation project in the United States.

2Names,where do you live?

We have been scattered throughout the three states on the west coast. Our current names are Murdoch, Face, B.A. and Hannibal.

3.How do like being an Etsy seller?

Although we are relatively new to etsy, our experiences being an etsy seller have been phenomenal! Most importantly we have a lot of fun on Etsy. (mostly at our own expense)

4.What was it like to be featured seller?

The two best words we can think of to describe what being the featured seller on Etsy left us feeling like are: SWOLLEN & SHTICKY!

5.How do feel about being the inspiration for Men of Etsy?

We would like to extend a heartfelt “You are welcome!” to the other men of Etsy. We have set the standards nice and low for everyone.

6.How are your families reacting to your new found fame?

We’ll let you know when we find it. (the fame that is …. And our families)

7.Break it down,who does what in the group

One of us smacks it.
One of us flips it.
One of us rubs it down.
And one writes about it.

And Stephana promotes it!

8.What's the best part of working as a team?

Having people to blame bad choices and mistakes on.

9.What's the worst?

Fighting over who had the one good idea.

10.What are Mixed Species plans for the future?

It’s wide open right now. Currently we are riding the Brief Jerky wave and getting ready to release an upgrade packet of spices you add to Brief Jerky while you are wearing them. In a couple of hours you will be able to make your own Aus Jus. After that maybe our own columns in Cat Fancy and Guns n’ Ammo magazines followed up with a line of Mixed Species contemporary furniture.

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Thanks to Mixed Species for taking the time during a rare all man in house get together to give us this interview!!


KillTaupe said...

HA! Too funny. You crazy guys make for one hell of an interview.

Paul B. said...

Great first interview! Can't wait to see more.

dirtyjackalope said...

Stephana is one hell of an interviewer. Can't believe she got a that Columbian drug mule story out of us!

Karma Sexton said...

That's hawt.

Vandicklier said...

Great interview! Can't wait to read the next batch!

papernclay said...